To promote transparency and accountability for the University Police Department (UPD), and to actively seek the advice and counsel of a diverse group of community members regarding issues that impact the safety and quality of life of the students, faculty, staff, residents, and visitors of CSU Channel Islands.


Under the authority of the President, and with direct responsibility to the Chief of Police, the University Police Advisory Council works in partnership with the UPD to:

  • Increase transparency, accountability, and access to the UPD in an effort to improve public trust and confidence in the police;
  • Identify current public safety issues that impact the campus community;
  • Review and provide input on existing and future initiatives within the UPD;
  • Examine and provide recommendations concerning matters of public safety, particularly changes in current policies/practices or matters that may impact the privacy or civil liberties of members of the campus community;
  • Assist with defining the involvement of the police in the life of the university in ways that will create an environment most conducive to the intellectual, cultural, and personal development of our students


  • University Police – Lieutenant (Chair)
  • Human Resources – Employee Relations Manager
  • Student Affairs – Housing
  • Student Affairs – At Large
  • Academic Senate – Representative
  • Academic Affairs – Faculty at Large
  • Staff Council – Representative
  • Student Government – Representative
  • Inclusive Excellence Committee – Representative
  • Community Member – University Glen Resident
  • University Police – Peace Officer
  • University Police – Civilian Employee
  • Ex-Officio – Chief of Police


The members of the University Police Advisory Council are committed to the following:

  • Promoting resolution of public safety issues that impact the university campus community;
  • Representing the interests of the campus community and bringing forth community concerns;
  • Increasing awareness of safety conditions and programs throughout the campus community;
  • Staying informed of current issues facing law enforcement throughout the CSU System, as well as the state of California and the rest of the country;
  • Providing advice and input to the Chief of Police on a variety of issues;
  • Submitting an annual written report to the University President highlighting the Council’s activities and sharing any outstanding concerns and recommendations.

Meeting Notes

February 19, 2021Meeting Agenda(PDF, 57.7KB)Meeting Notes(PDF, 109KB)
March 23, 2021Meeting Agenda(PDF, 71.5KB)Meeting Notes(PDF, 107KB)
April 28, 2021Meeting Agenda(PDF, 91KB)Meeting Notes(PDF, 137KB)
May 26, 2021Meeting Agenda(PDF, 90.3KB)Meeting Notes(PDF, 126KB)
October 25, 2021Meeting Agenda(PDF, 88.1KB)Meeting Notes(PDF, 131KB)
December 13, 2021Meeting Agenda(PDF, 90.8KB)Meeting Notes(PDF, 131KB)
April 20, 2022Meeting Agenda(PDF, 92.3KB)Meeting Notes(PDF, 106KB)
October 6, 2022Meeting Agenda(PDF, 90.4KB)Meeting Notes(PDF, 134KB)
December 14, 2022Meeting Agenda(PDF, 87.8KB)Meeting Notes(PDF, 140KB)
March 2, 2023Meeting Agenda(PDF, 88.5KB)Meeting Notes(PDF, 138KB)
May 4, 2023Meeting Agenda(PDF, 88KB)Meeting Notes(PDF, 125KB)
November 2, 2023Meeting Agenda(PDF, 89KB)Meeting Notes(PDF, 134KB)
December 15, 2023Meeting Agenda(PDF, 90KB)Meeting Notes(PDF, 141KB)
March 6, 2024Meeting Agenda(PDF, 92KB) 
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