The following are handouts that accompanies many of our most popular WMC Workshops.  WMC citation handouts are located on the Citation Resouces Page.

Writing Workshop Handouts

Annotated Bibliography:  This handout provides a brief description of the annotated bibliography and the basic components that annotated bibliographies cover--argument/summary, methodology, value, and evaluation.

Idea Mapping:  This handout decribes how to create an visual idea map and includes an exercise.

Writing Process (general):  This handout provides an overview of the writing process and helps students plan/manage their writing goals for a semester.

Plagiarism: This handout provides a basic introduction to plagiarism and best practices.

Grammar Guide: This handout covers incomplete sentences, misplaced modifiers, parallelism, subject-verb agreement.

Writing the Introduction:  This handout is a general guide to writing an introduction for a college-level academic paper.

Literature Review:  This handout gives a general introduction to the literature review essay or the literature review section.

Narrowing Your Topic (Two Steps):  This handout with exercises includes two steps to narrowing a broad topic: 1) exploring what matters or idea mapping, and 2) specifying the area of research.

Personal Statement:  This handout introduces students to the genre of writing the personal statement (for graduate school or for grants/applications).  

Research Statement:  This handout introduces students to the genre of writing the research statement (for graduate school applications).

Multiliteracy Workshop Handouts

Basics for Oral Slideshow Presentation:  This handout gives an introduction to the how to effective present an oral presentation using slideshow.

Group Presentation Tips:  Basic tips for presenting as a group.

How to Make a YouTube Account to Upload Video

Infographics:  Parts, Purposes, and Layout.  This handout was part of a workshop that reviews the components of an infographic and how to consider different ways of displaying data.

Research Poster and Pitch:  This handout covers how to think about and approach research poster design and pitch.

Storyboarding:  This handout is useful for students who are creating a narrative video.  WMC explains why students should storyboard and how to map out the "story" before filming .

Tools for Visualizing Data


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