Citing Sources using APA, MLA, Chicago, ASA, ESA (Ecology) Style, CSE Scientific Style 

The following links are recommended sources to help you with citing sources using one of the three major citation styles (APA, MLA, or Chicago Style), or come visit our Center.  We've also added Ecology Style from the Journal of Ecology.  If your citation style is not one of the big three or Ecology, we can still work with you!  Please make an appointment with one of our tutors.

APA Style Guide

MLA Style Guide

The Chicago Manual of Style Online

American Sociological Society (ASA) Style

ESA (Ecological Society of America) Style

CSE (Council of Science Editors), Scientific Style

  • CSE Quick Guide for three systems of in-text references and end references.

The Bedford St. Martin's Sample Document Gallery

Sometimes the best way to understand the wonderful world of citation is view a sample. This website offers you papers in MLA, APA, and Chicago (in the Humanities section); business and technical writing samples; and samples from the sciences.

General Guide to Researching and Documenting Sources (Purdue University)