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Archive of Reports from Previous Years

Reports from Academic Year 2018-2019

1009 Model United Nations, Grove (PDF, 7.5M)

1010 Community Mediators Coaching, Clarke (PDF, 778KB) )

1011 "A Series of Unfortunate Events" Stuart Bass Guest Lecture, Clarke (PDF, 466KB)

1012 WMC Studio Hours, Lee (PDF, 161KB)

1013 Narrative Stories at Santa Rosa Island, White (PDF, 9.4M)

1015 Field Methods for Land Use Planning and Open Space Management on Santa Rosa Island, Reineman (PDF, 6.3M)

1016 Communicating Science & Policy, Clarke (PDF, 257KB)

1017 Leonardo Art Science Evening Rendezvous Symposium, Bourely (PDF, 1.3M) 

1018 Santa Rosa Island Field Trip & Art Exhibit, Bourely (PDF, 2.0M)

1024 Sustainability at CI, Aloisio (PDF, 1.1M)

1026 Jazz Guest Artist, Murphy (PDF, 513KB)

1027 And Still We Rise: People of Color in STEM, Veldman (PDF, 57.0KB)

1028 Beatles Guest Artist Series, Murphy (PDF, 59.6KB)

1032 Conservation Biology Field Trip to Santa Cruz Island, Steele (PDF, 4.5M) 

1037 Visit from Denver Courts Interpreter, Medical Interpreter and Entrepeneur Alice Ehr, Gonzalez (PDF, 1008KB)

1038 International Music and Education Series, Itkonen (PDF, 958KB)

1041 Daniel Lee Music Fest and Memorial, Cook (PDF, 88.7KB)

1042 UNIV 392 Narrative Stories in New Zealand, White (PDF, 6.6M)

1043 PAMU 100 Guest Performance and Lecture Series, Liu (PDF, 700KB)

1046 Introduction to Geospatial Field Research on Santa Rosa Island, Patsch (PDF, 1.4M)

1051 World Music Guest Performance Series, Marsh (PDF, 473KB)

1052 3rd Annual Indigenous People's Day, Valadez (PDF, 7.4M)

1063 1st Annual Ephemeral Events: Latinx Memory and Social Media Speaker & Exhibition Series, Centino (PDF, 9.0M)

1067 History of Rock Demonstration Series, Marsh (PDF, 590KB)

1072 Global Studies Capstone Event for Global Awareness, Grove (PDF, 908KB) 

1075 Medical Interpreter Guest Speaker Marcelo Lopez, Gonzalez (PDF, 557KB) 

1076 Noche De Fiesta 2019, Gonzalez (PDF, 9.7M)

1081 11th Annual Conference for Social Justice in Education, Gonzalez (PDF, 247KB)

1082 Natural Impressions of SRI and Bechers Bay, Furmanski (PDF, 4.8M)

1084 NCECA Conference 2019, McGrath (PDF, 1,592KB)

1092 Congress to Campus at CI, Mendez (PDF, 3.3M)

1098 Arts Under The Stars 2019, Castillo (PDF, 189KB)

1104 Tour of the Port of Long Beach and the Aquarium of the Pacific, Delaney (PDF, 220KB)

1108 National American Chemical Society Meeting Trip, Veldman (PDF, 945KB)

1100 American College Dance Association (ACDA) Conference, Castillo (PDF, 220KB)

1113 Fieldtrip to the Gibbon Conservation Center, Delaney (PDF, 622KB)

1121 National Learning Stories Conference, White (PDF, 8.1M)

1125 Pachuca Boogie Symposium & Baile, Centino (PDF, 7.3M)

1136 Island Fox Literary Journal Spring 2019, Peters (PDF, 987K)

1138 Community Mediator Coaching, Clarke (PDF, 769KB)

1141 How To Win A Grammy, Lecture/Demonstration Series, Bickel (PDF, 452KB) 

1146 Guest Speaker Alice Ehr, Professional Interpreter and Translator, Gonzalez (PDF, 975KB)

1148 UNIV 392 Spain: Social Business Innovation in Spain, Ballesteros-Sola (PDF, 167KB)

1151 UNIV 392 India: Biotechnology in India, Parmar (PDF, 313KB)

1156 "Serve It Up!" - Student Service Learning Days, Pacheco (PDF, 42.5KB)

1157 Jazz Guest Artist Series, Murphy (PDF, 366KB)

1159 Beatles Guest Artist Series, Murphy (PDF, 300KB)

1166 UNIV 391: Environmental Policy in Alaska, Clarke (PDF, 1.4M)

1168 History of Rock Performance/Demonstration Series, Marsh (PDF, 590KB) 

1169 PAMU 307 University Chorus, Winter Concerts and Workshops, Liu (PDF, 315KB)

1171 Music Appreciation Guest Artist Series, Marsh (PDF, 700KB)

1173 Applying Geospatial Skills in the Field on SRI, Patsch (PDF, 555KB)

1174 Narrative Inquiry at Santa Rosa Island, White (PDF, 135KB)

1177 Conservation Biology Field Trip to Santa Cruz Island (ESRM/BIO313), Steele (PDF, 1.3M)

1178 UNIV 392: Narrative Stories in New Zealand, White (PDF, 6.6M)

1179 "Music in History" Guest Performance/Demonstration Series, Liu (PDF, 736KB)

1180 Daniel Lee Music Fest and Memorial, Liu (PDF, 126KB)

1181 Global Premodern Studies Speaker Series AY 2019-20, Perchuk (PDF, 178KB) 

1194 BIO 310 Trip to Aquarium of the Pacific, Norris (PDF, 78.5KB)

1197 Island Fox Literary Journal, Spring 2020, Peters (PDF, 2.8M)

1201 Natural Impressionson Santa Rosa Island, Furmanski (PDF, 1.8M)

Archive of Reports from Previous Years

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